Saturday, 15 February 2014

Asus PadFone X hands-on

AT & T announced today that the new Asus PadFone take X Smartphone / Tablet Dock combo, and need to test devices at CES 2014.


Unlike Infinity PadFone, Asus has a smaller 9 " tablet dock this time, while the diagonals smartphone with the same 5 " decided 1080p panel. Both feel stuck, so just go for a little 'round and difficult, especially when the phone on the platform of the tablet locked. Soft- touch plastic on the back means that the device does not feel smooth in hand, but not exclusive contract documents. The general shape of the phone is not the most exciting, but the frame in brushed metal on the sides helps the visual appearance.


Both units have a full HD monitor to be as good as each screen as 9 inches seems to look at both Smartphones and tablets half. The colors are very well presented and the screens look pretty bright, very good viewing angles, indicating that the variety IPS.
Asus PadFone X


The PadFone X runs Android 4.4 with an overlap of KitKat Asus UI on top. This gives you the right shot where you have to choose the other way around on the phone to the left. For example, if you 5 just go to the subway home and connect your phone through the tablet without a clock to keep a movie on the small screen on the tablet screen larger.

Processor and memory

Asus has not defined the exact specifications of silicon, but I bet you confirm Snapdragon processor 800 controls inside the phone, with the proviso that this cluster of at least 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. The interface was smooth, and the transition from phone to tablet mode is continuous.


It is a full disclosure of all details of the PadFone X Combo for AT & T or Asus, but we liked what we saw in the third iteration of the PadFone concept. The design is relatively smooth and gets picked up by some major U.S. carriers as a recipe for the growing popularity. In addition, the carrier device for phone/tablet and existing lighting fixtures, and certainly drive less if you buy two separate units, which is the whole point behind the concept.

Other news on Asus Device:

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mitesh dinesh solanki said...

Amazing Mobile Giving With Latest Android Version And 2 gb ram awesome

diwas singh said...

very resource full and has android 4.4 latest with good processor all what a person wants from a mobile

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