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Asus ZenFone 6 hands-on

Nothing says 2014 financial statements, even if the devices are beginning to feel their best, while the area phablet "right" and Asus ZenFone 6 is a perfect example. Scheduled for release at a price of $ 199, 6 - inch is a great phone. Part of the new budget line Taiwanese manufacturer before ZenFone 6 offers really good value for money and is sure his main weapon. CES2014 Asus was when we introduced the new phone and got some exercise all at once. This is what we found.


The ZenFone 6 is the phone more "exclusive" to a new line of Asus, but not because of their appearance. Make no mistake, as we mentioned in our practice ZenFone 5, we enjoy the style simple but effective in the new series, but it's basically the same phone, just in different sizes. Anyway, we were again give a warm touch of soft-touch plastic on the back of ZenFone 6, although I must admit that there is much less ergonomic because of their size. On the positive side, Asus has not mentally away to the size of the ships, and is actually quite compact 6-inch crack, especially if you. The price of the Smartphone Black, white, red and yellow - like the rest of the family is ZenFone offered 6 in a range of colors also features a number of elegant appearances. Overall, Asus looks to revive sales of optional accessories; it is based probably pretty low profit margins.


As you can imagine, the 6- inch screen in 6 ZenFone its greatest strength. We have an IPS panel , which is always welcome, even if the resolution of 720x1280 pixels may be a bit too small and blurry face for some. In fact, surely one of about 245 ppi nothing to despair - it's still pretty strong. In any case, winning IPS panels are all available in ZenFone 6 - color reproduction is accurate and do not have to constantly adjust our perspective to take advantage of the screen.

Asus ZenFone 6 Hands-on


The ZenFone 6 points from nine ZenUI Asus exclusive skin on top of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. ZenUI Asus, the idea is easy to use, clean interface and is sold mainly in the skin, at least for now. And " very clean, without unnecessary bloat , but it still looks pretty functional , at least from a cursory examination Finally, the Taiwan-based company has already promised that all equipment ZenFone can update to the latest Android 4.4 expected KitKat - . A great commitment – is to the customers of the company.

Processor and memory

As the “Intel Inside " shows on the back of ZenFone 6 is a dual-core chip with 2 GHz Intel Atom Z2580 mounted internally. When the now older generation of Intel mobile chipset, but it was enough degrees of power at the interface, with no visible saccades.

In terms of memory, we have 1 GB of RAM on board, when the size of the internal memory is not known at this time. At least we know that there are quite a few slots on top that Asus have seen available for up to 64 GB microSD, suitable to install (4GB or 8GB options).


Asus ZenFone 6 brings the most powerful of all new units ZenFone shooter. We look forward to a good camera 13 megapixel rear snapper with autofocus and an LED flash talk sounds. Asus does not have much to share the same hardware of the camera, and then took the opportunity to fulfill their camera software pixels Mate. Pixel Mate should be useful, especially in low light situations, but rather for us to wait again and judge, and if we. Their hands on the phone

As usual, it's good for video calling 2 megapixel camera on the front, but not much more.


At $ 199, it's a heck of a device, especially for those who are looking for big screen devices. Of course we could not test the full capabilities of Asus ZenFone 6, but it goes without saying that this will be one heck of a media hog. Depending on where Asus has sold , could the issue be very different - Alan markets are more susceptible huge form factor, while the western hemisphere is often satisfied with their 5 inches.

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Emamul Islam said...

The ZenFone is really smart phone. it has a top and excellent screen. smooth blood touch is probably best android blood touch phone. The ZenFone phones camera is LED and flash light based. It is outstanding phone among the smart phones.

Safan Ahmed said...

Asus tablet is very fast and popular tablet

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