Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nokia X and Nokia X+ hands-on: a promising start

It's a little hard to believe that Nokia will jump on board the train with Android, but we are here now Nokia X and Nokia X + Android. Both, however, feel and act differently than Android phones, which are not a bad thing, depending on how you are necessarily looking for something. Both promise much, and cost very little to attract the next. Attention of the audience on a budget but even with the support of the Android software, the phones are actually decent, worthy of attention?


When it comes to designing, we found differences between Nokia X and Nokia X +. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell which is looking at the two side by side Smartphone. Both solids are combined to build a sense of solidity, in colorful plastic. The size of the Nokia X and X + Nokia make them ideal for use with one hand and the thumb can reach any area of ​​the screen.

The power and volume buttons are located on the rights of Nokia X and Nokia phones X+ pages. We see nothing wrong with your design, both are quite high, and respond with a nice click when pressed. The headphone jack is of 3.5 mm at the tip, while the Micro - USB port is on the bottom. Below the screen Nokia X and Nokia X+ , we find at once capacitance that makes us take a step back when pressed once , and go back to the home screen when pressed.

Nokia X and Nokia X+


Given the weakness of the two awards Nokia X and Nokia X+, I have to say that we are very satisfied with their capacitive touchscreens. Both have the same IPS LCD display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which is an acceptable number of pixels on a screen of 4 inches. The viewing angles and color reproduction also seem fairly decent. One thing that is missing is a touch screen with a high sensitivity, but do not expect to find in an entry-level phone anyway. Advantages of this type

Interface and functionality

Nokia X software platform such as Nokia calls it, is unlike any Android. And you know what, we have no reason to complain, the software feels intuitive and easy to master. The Nokia UI was clearly inspired by Windows Phone, with tiles in different sizes and colors, but the inspiration of other platforms as we do. Global search bar that appears after a rainfall an app drawer seems to be missing. Instead, all installed applications are displayed in a vertical display start and can be organized in folders. Scroll down from the top of the screen is a panel with switch for Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, data connectivity, network and creates so on.

Scroll left or right leads to the Fast Lane, as a panel compressor messages. It enables us to keep track of missed calls and keeping unread text messages, but also to have made the information from social networks and messengers. Furthermore, couplings are provided for your favorite and recently used applications. Control the music player can be reached quickly from here.

There are a lot of goodies that Nokia has pre-installed on both the Nokia X and Nokia X+, including Nokia Mix Radio and Google Maps site with support for offline maps and navigation. Other applications on the Nokia market are installed either directly or through third markets such as Yandex store with a catalog of more than 85,000 Android applications. Speaking of apps for Android, one of the most important outlets Nokia X and Nokia X+ is that it works with the Android software. Yes, although it’s downstream APK file. Software compatibility , but not guaranteed to be 100%, and given its modest hardware features that serious games and applications , so that in case of doubt , X - and X + is good.

Processor and Memory

You will not find under the hood of the Nokia phones X. Bring a dual - core processor from Qualcomm, which is present on Nokia X+ 1 GHz 768 MB RAM in Nokia, can achieve, while the Nokia X has only 512 MB ​​of RAM. But that is out of the user interface in order to carry out near-perfect light even in a low hardware and range. Even some pre-installed games did well on both devices, but graphics - intensive games bet it would be almost impossible to play.

The storage is one of the weakest links of Nokia phones X. You get less than 2 GB for your photos, apps and music, that's because it is equipped with a microSD card, is almost a must. Fortunately, the Nokia X comes with a 4GB microSD card. If this does not bother depend on cloud storage, the homeowner with Nokia X 7 GB of free storage are free Microsoft OneDrive offers.


We know that having a basic camera is better than no camera on your phone , but do not really see the use of these phones 3MP snapper , when no other camera around . Combine the two sports a fixed focus camera without LED flash 3MP identical. The software has a shutter lag, which is certainly not a good thing. A number of parameters in the application of the camera such as white balance and exposure are. Panorama mode and video recording are also available. Difficult with this phone is Selfies because of the lack of a front camera to remove.


Hardly a surprise, Nokia X and Nokia X+ mobile phones have their weaknesses, but they are not to be underestimated. In fact, they have the ability to take a piece of the entry- level segment with its smart phones aggressive pricing. More precisely, begin the Nokia X € 89 ($ 122) and Nokia X + will be priced at € 99 ($ 136) before taxes and subsidies. This is not bad for a 4 - inch brand Android applications run, while access to Nokia Maps goodies like here and great service Mix Radio. We have high expectations of the Nokia X and definitely keep an eye on your progress over time.


diwas singh said...

yes it is awesome and fine for a dual sim nokia phone

niroz said...

nice good

Mobiles gamers said...

Nice info: Nokia X and X+ Give Dual processor

Anonymous said...

Nokia X+ best cell phone for every one. Design, Display, Interface and functionality, Processor and Memory, Camera, Expectations all are asylum.

ayush buddhacharya said...

fantatstic mobile ..
very smooth operation. its fast and got the apple of my eye looks..

S tunbg said...

very good moblie : camera , photo , music and memory

samsun nahar said...

Nokia X and Nokia X+ hands-on: a promising start for the life of the lovers of a good mobile users.

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